The 5th Party Member

I didn’t take as many notes for this campaign….especially past the first session, but here’s what I recall:

  • Zas decided to make Stool his apprentice.
  • Greda and Bith talk about where Bith came from à a possible escape for Greda?
  • The next day – we found a boat!
  • …..With someone tied to it (Orin)!
  • Without asking any real questions regarding how he got there, the party rescued him. We tried to rescue the boat too (we did, we really tried) but ended up beginning our longstanding tradition of BURNING boats and burned it down.
  • Shushaar directs us to Sloobidoop.

ALSO – I’m not entirely sure, but I believe this session is when Stuart begins to ship Eldeth and Ront. #Dworcbabies4ever



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