The journey to rescue Stool

A chance encounter:

After another long day’s trek, the party happens upon a Drow woman who have captured a band of Michonoid creatures. Some quick thinking from Talis led to a plan of deception, where she and Reiker disguised themselves as fellow Drow…before quickly backstabbing her to death.

The michonids, somewhat grateful for the party’s help, led them to their destination: Neverlight Grove!

Unrest in Neverlight Grove:

While walking through the streets of Neverlight, the party notices a ton of Duergar and Drow working the Grove like zombies…only to realize that they are zombies – this is apparently a standard michonid ability: to “repurpose” the dead into workers.

The party is soon led to a crowd of Michonids where they explain the purpose for their journey: to rescue Stool; has anyone seen him? Upon hearing Stool’s name, the entire crowd goes bonkers. Stool eventually emerges from the crowd and ‘explains away’ the party’s presence and ushers everyone quietly into a nearby secluded home area. There, the party is informed of the political goings-on in Neverlight Grove: The are opposing factions within the hive-mind of Neverlight – half the city, led by a Michonid named “Filo” – wants to burrow deeper into the UnderDark so they can use what’s down there (??) to help protect Neverlight. The other half of the city, led by Michonid, Bassidia, (whom Stool follows) just wants to leave Neverlight Grove and make another home. Bassidia feels that Filo is corrupting michonids (similar to what they’ve been doing to the Duergar and Drow bodies the party saw earlier) into joining his side. The party reluctantly agrees to side with Bassidia

Also – it’s been a while since the party last saw Stool and DAMN, has he grown up into a hottie.

Hunt for the Purple Wurm:

Bassidia and Stool task the party with obtaining a purple wurm – a creature they can use to help them burrow out of Neverlight safely. The party is to meet a great michonid ‘wurm hunter’ and administer a special poison into the wurm because, remember – the wurm is no good dead; it has to be taken alive. The party is given the vial, which has enough poison in it to take down 24 people, but barely enough to slow down the purple wurm.

The party has a few encounters in the outskirts of Neverlight Grove….which is where our last session ended.



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