Merrick (No last name)

Not really a Ranger


I do not remember how i ended up standing over my parents with a blood-stained knife in my hands, but I swear I did not murder them. Try telling that to my uncle, though, who is willing to pay a King’s ransom of a bounty for my capture – dead or alive.

Having been on the run since then, I became to care less and less for the lives of others. So I assumed the identity of “Merrick” and learned the bow and arrow so I might become a “Hunter” in the wild.

While learning some of the basic tenets of being a Ranger, I failed to learn how survive in the wild and soon resorted to bounty hunting so I could ‘make a living’. But even that did not work out so well as I was captured by Drow while hunting a bounty.

Imprisoned by the Drow, I somehow feel that this is the punishment the Gods have assigned me – to live down here for the rest of my days until something horrible finally kills me. But, in this ‘prison break’ that I somehow find myself a part of, maybe I can do some good in this realm and see my companions make it back to the surface world.

Merrick (No last name)

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