Zazz’s “loyal” Imp familiar


Low level devils like imps are often bound into the service of evil wizards. Most of the time they enjoy this service, all the while waiting for a chance to cross their captors. Voxx-zule’s chance came and went. He will never again lift a finger (or claw) to help Zazz in battle. But the skill of his bindings prevent him from knowingly lying to, cheating, or otherwise go against his masters will. And worst of all, force him to continue to make his tea.


An Imp is no stranger to hate. When Zazz first bound Voxx, he hated the old man, but mostly for the skill of the binding. The wizard had a similar world view, and when he wasn’t made to serve tea, the old man’s machinations filled Voxx with wicked glee. But then, the old man left him in darkness. Years passed, and when he finally was finally summoned again Zazz had changed. Voxx-zule hates Zazz; loathes him for leaving him in darkness, reviles his unpredictability, detests his new found morality, abhors the old bindings that keep him from acting on his dark desires, despises his long winded lectures, but mostly he hates him for not listening when Voxx could have offered him victory.


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