Showdown with the Hierarch Amnicxz
R.I.P. Ul Zazz Saviux

The party takes a 1-hour short rest in the pipes of the Derro Citadel….and takes too long. Enough time to worry Edith enough to send Orrin after the party. 

OH HAI, ORRIN (Join the party!) 

Now a party of five, they discover that they need a FIFTH vial of demon blood to enter the demi-plane.  

  • Edith convinces the Stone speakers to transport Orrin to the party’s location! So close in fact that he manages to emerge in the WATER (or whatever it is) filled with Devil Fish!
  • Of course, now that means we need FIVE vials of demon blood….and not four.

The Sarcophagus:

  • When tracking our way back through the pipes, the party discovers a magic Sarcophagus! Against better judgment, we open it (by spilling our blood on it)
  • Reiker is downed! (once)
  • The party fights in magical darkness, frantically, and it is not clear whether it’s Orrin’s vicious mockery (“Bansee’s”…..hah!), Zazz closing the Sarcophagus, or Greda fighting with the flag that surely saved her back when her entire platoon was massacred, but these demons are taken down swiftly.

    • +1 demon blood!

Back to the Door of the Demi-Plane:

  • Foolishly, Orrin asks how to open the door (Really, you should know better) only to have Zazz show him how by opening it and walking through himself. Reiker quickly chases after him and the others regretfully follow after him.

The Demi-Plane:

  • Immediately our heroes are set upon by a couple of Homunculi (aka “two homunculus’s”) and a Derro witch.
  • The beasts and Derro are slain, dropping a key to a door and not much else.
  • We find the Derro’s lab (empty – hurray!) and loot it, discovering a demon statue – SOMETHING MORE THERE THAN MEETS THE EYE?

Since we hear rushing water, we journey upwards to a river. Reiker’s superior dark vision shows us enemy encounters on all paths. But Zazz luckily prepared “Water-walking” today and opens a path that was not open to us before. We walk along the river’s path and up a wall – discovering a (secret?) passage – AND THE FINAL BOSS FIGHT.

With monsters dissected, yet somehow alive, chained to work tables, the Derror Hierarch beckons us towards him, almost gleeful with the ways he plans to kill us. He recognizes Zazz in his “Wizard of Thay” garb and regards him with the respect it deserves. The others, though…..!

A pitched battle ensues between Zazz and the Hierarch, and Reiker is downed (twice), while Merrick, Orrin, and Greda are mostly ignored. Greda, though, will not be ignored as she finally has a lead on what killed her platoon. She rushes the Hierarch, demanding an answer with each blow:




The Hiearch responds admist the volley of blows: “Those are Vogo’s** Wardens….!” 

Greda’s unrelenting barrage, along with the mercy killings of the demons chained to the tables, makes quick work of the Hierarch, but not before landing a killing blow of the Exalted Ulzazz Zazz Saviux, Grand Master Sage of the Arcane and Scroll of the Queen (may he rest in peace).

This is terrible. Zazz is dead. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?? (To be continued)

**NOTE – Vogo, we discovered, was a Derro who didn’t believe in the sacrificing and experimenting on monsters and Duergar.

Derro Dungeon - The Roll20 Adventure!
Part 1

When last we left our heroes….we'd just beaten up some old Derro ladies!

With too low an intelligence score to solve the riddles, our heroes are forced to pull blood the old fashioned way. We fought the creatures in the jungle with much success and discovered a (secret?) passage up some pipes to another demon torture chamber where we won against some "Devil Fish" demons. 

Colored blood samples secured: 

  • Blue
  • Black
  • …..did we get green, last time?

Anywho – time for a short rest! 

......probably gonna burn something down


Everyone reconvened at the Palace of the Deep King and slowly approached the now crown-weary Eldeth, not having good news to share. ….except for Zazz. Zazz told Eldeth everything:

  • about the unholy torturings
  • about the demon summonings
  • about the level 5 spell scrolls he got as a gift and proceeded to use to retrieve his surprisingly “Owl-like” (re: stats)  Imp – Voxx.

Voxx, being a demon was almost killed 5 minutes after first summoning by Reiker.

Righteously furious, Eldeth ordered that the party find proof of these activities so we can denounce them publicly during the upcoming Gala.


Eldeth sent Merrick (and Reiker) off to the Stone Speakers to see if they will help in “disciplining” the Council of Savants. And thanks to some Elvish cunning (sure, they’re known for that), he was able to convince the stone speakers to help:


Us: …..right!

Stonespeakers: GOOD. HERE’S YOUR ADAMANTINE ARMOR (x5: Eldeth, Ront, Merrick, Reiker, and Greda)



The party (Greda, Zazz, Reiker, and Merrick) were able to ‘sneak in’ to the practically empty <s>dungeon </s>Council temple while the Savants were attending the "Graxultug Gala" with Eldeth, Ront, and Orrin. The party had a few lackeys who stayed behind – some old grannie witches – and was able to determine that the Council houses a pocket dimension (possibly several!) where they capture and bleed out other demons.

But how to get into the pocket dimensions? The doors are locked with a series of passcodes and riddles! Greda was able to solve one such puzzle (aka the “Diehard 3” puzzle), but were unsuccessful with the other two they came across.

#$%^&ing “Diminishing primes”….!

The last riddle the party took too long to solve ended in a random encounter. What comes after that  WHO KNOWS

Also – I have in my notes that some time in this session (last session?), Zazz finally got his book of blank pages. This should be noted since he began his search for paper since the Campaign started

Long live Queen Eldeth (but only if she wants to)!


  • Zazz: Became the Scribe of the Queen and received the Wand of Wonder
  • Merrick: Became the Queen’s Quiver and received a Bow of Wounding
  • Greda: Became the Shield of the Queen and received the Belt of Hill Giant Strength
  • Reiker: Became the Queen’s Cowl and received the Cloak of Arachnida
  • Orin: Became the Song of the Queen and received…..a Lute of some kind.

The defeat of the Deep King now allows the city of Graxultug to calm…..but the weight of the crown now falls heavily onto Queen Eldeth’s head. She is not sure if she’s ready for such a burden. Her first act as Queen? To reach out to the different factions of the city and see if they will agree to a change in Government! A democracy is preferable to our new queen than an outright Monarchy.

  • Merrick went to the Stone speakers to ask the following:

    • Will the Stone speakers accept a democracy? (ANSWER: NO. CHANGE IS BAD)
    • Can the crystal (which determines the rightful ruler of Graxultug) be split? (ANSWER: NO. THAT WILL BREAK IT. DO NOT BREAK THE CRYSTAL)
  • Zazz went to the Council of Savants to put them in their place (and if they will support a democracy)

    • “Tea….why yes, fetch me some tea! No, I don’t want any tea….I just wanted you to bring me some.” – Zazz, Master of throwing shade
    • After being dragged, Savants said they do not care what the regime is as long as they are left alone to do their experiments…….on demons….and citizens….!
    • “Here’s some level 5 spell scrolls if you leave us alone!”
  • Greda went to the Wurm Society and talked face to face with the DRAGON, Themberchaud.

    • It was very polite, up until Greda said that Themberchaud would have to go through her if he had even the slightest thought about harming Eldeth.
    • THEN the full terrible and mighty came out. 
    • Themberchaud voiced support for full democracy, and said he would "sear the crystal on the souls of the people," and by way of sweetening the pot, offered five gems of fire elemental summoning.
  • Orrin stayed behind to cater to the Nobles – this is the kind of shit he lives for! He’s got a Gala to prepare for.
  • Reiker went to the Salt Baron’s & had a perfectly pleasant meeting with Sarith (who was charming??? Obviously, Sarith’s not acting like himself)

    • The Salt Baron would be happy to do anything the Queen wanted.
    • Reiker noticed the fungal growth on Sarith's face, and was like, uh, you should have that checked.
    • When Sarith and Reiker returned the castle to find Eldeth, they ran into Orin planning the party.
    • …….unpleasantness happened
    • ……which upset the Salt Baron (we think. Reiker was spying on him and Sarith at this point, and Reiker’s lip-reading skills aren’t great).
The 5th Party Member

I didn’t take as many notes for this campaign….especially past the first session, but here’s what I recall:

  • Zas decided to make Stool his apprentice.
  • Greda and Bith talk about where Bith came from à a possible escape for Greda?
  • The next day – we found a boat!
  • …..With someone tied to it (Orin)!
  • Without asking any real questions regarding how he got there, the party rescued him. We tried to rescue the boat too (we did, we really tried) but ended up beginning our longstanding tradition of BURNING boats and burned it down.
  • Shushaar directs us to Sloobidoop.

ALSO – I’m not entirely sure, but I believe this session is when Stuart begins to ship Eldeth and Ront. #Dworcbabies4ever

Freedom....horrible, horrible, Freedom!


  • Merrick (Stuart)
  • Greda (Megan)
  • Zas (Joe)
  • Bith (Daniel)


  • Eldeth (Dwarf Scout)
  • Ront (Orc Coward)
  • Shushaar (Merfolk Pacifist)
  • Sarith (Drow Traitor)
  • Prince Derendil (Elf trapped in a…nother body)
  • Topsy (1st Child thing)
  • Turvy (2nd Child thing)
  • Buppido (don’t really remember)
  • Jimjar (psycho)
  • Stool (walking Mushroom)

The Story Thus Far…..AS IT UNFOLDED!

  • Meet our newest prisoner (Bith) – weird creature, not of this dimension….could be of great value to the Spider Queen!
  • Jimjar (?) has been consorting with our guard to plan an escape! He lets everyone in on the plan.
  • Greda names the one possession she has left – a rusty crowbar – “The Talking Stick” and hides it away till the time is right.
  • Bith, while being taken to the Drow leader to see what Bith is, discovers the limits of the security measures (anti-Magic fields) in place for the prison
  • When the time is right, Greda takes initiative (“I think I’ve got something to say”) and begins the escape!
  • FIRST DEATH – Prince Derendil. (Merrick’s only friend).

    • Stuart truly believes that Derendil’s head was in that sack that got thrown to the bloodthirsty things that also escaped.
  • Everyone slid down some Spider webs (Greda hanging on for dear life to Stool) and managed to escape.
  • The party decides to go to Sloobidoop; said goodbye to:

    • Topsy
    • Turvy
    • Buppido
    • Jimjar
  • Oh yeah – and we were attacked by some ROCK-topuses (Rocktopi?)
Whispers in the night
Night 11

Beyond the edge of the fire’s glow, Eldeth sat and held the watch.

She tried to keep the flickering light within the periphery of her vision. After over a tenday and change of travel together, she’d learned to identify her companions by the economy — or lack thereof — in their movements. A patterning of their silhouettes against the deeper darkness that enveloped them. The feline grace of Bith, poised and tight as she slinked around the camp; the sharp clean lines of the bard Orin as he strummed away at his instrument; Merrick hunched over a rock as he meticulously sharpened and honed his arrowheads; the quivering tremble in Zas’ back as he tried to demonstrate a somatic hand gesture for Stool.

A shorter figure, motionless and still as she stared out, past their boat and out beyond the Darklake’s shores.

Eldeth tried very hard not to notice that shadow, in particular.

The crunching of loose stones beneath heavy boots announced Ront’s arrival. The orc held out a sloshing skin, but she waved it away. In the darkness, his broad face was a swath of brighter hue and texture.

“S’not grog this time,” he said. “Well, m’reasonably sure it ain’t. The fish seemed to be happy drinking it.”

“How would you know? Happy, sad, mad, they’re always wearing the same expression.”

Ront laughed. He took a long pull from the skin, then tossed it gently at her. Eldeth caught it one-handed, sniffing. Water. She took a mouthful, then nodded in thanks. Ront settled in next to her, shifting his bulk uncomfortably on the narrow rocky abutment next to Eldeth.

After a beat, Ront said, “S’been more than two hours you been here, you know.”

Eldeth didn’t reply.

Ront scratched the back of one hand idly. “I’m happy if you want to do my shift for me, but don’t get me wrong, I ain’t carrying you on my back once we start up in the morning. Though I suppose you could ride the mushroom. He seems to like you well enough.”

Eldeth snorted. “Like I’d even let you.”

“If you keep up with the brooding, you won’t have much of a choice in the matter.”

Eldeth and Ront tried not to startle as Sarith detached himself from a nearby pocket of shadow. The drow walked — no, sauntered, really, the languorous way he covered the distance between them — and, uninvited, perched on an outcropping opposite them.

Eldeth grimaced. “I have a choice. I always have a choice.”

Sarith tilted his head, arched one eyebrow. “Oh? A choice to embrace exhaustion? A choice to saddle your traveling companions with the burden of a fatigued dwarf too stubborn to know that she needs rest as much as any other of you candlewick races?”

Ront growled. He honest-to-Moradin growled. The orc leaned forward, chest puffing out, but Sarith eyed him coolly and without flinching, and after a beat, the line of Ront’s back noticeably hunched. Eldeth wanted to reach over and steady him by the shoulder, but she did him the courtesy of not doing so in front of the drow.

“I’ll hold my own,” Eldeth said after a moment, “so your concern is duly noted.”

Sarith traced a hand in wavy curlicues. “Oh, if only you were the least of what we had to worry about. Far be it from me to say our previous accommodations under House Mizzrym’s custody were superior in any respect to foraging for mushroom caps and lapping at pools of still cavern water in the dark, but you must admit, fortune has not precisely favored us since our flight from Velkynvelve, and the…erratic behavior of our compatriots has not contributed to that circumstance.”

“I think the emergence of a gods-forsaken demon prince that devoured Brother Shuushar’s home had more to do with our misfortune than anything else,” said Eldeth.

Sarith smirked. He leaned close, close enough that Eldeth could see the texturing on his face as his affliction spread. “Demogorgon? Bah. The merest of frivolities compared to the majesty of Lolth, long may the spider mother’s bulbous sac be fertile.” Eldeth couldn’t place it, the drow always sounded snide and sarcastic, but…was there contempt in his voice just now, for the nightmare queen who commanded his people’s devotion?

“Gross,” Ront said.

“Let’s not forget that good maester Zas, blessings upon his lineage, may it coil shriveled and unfulfilled in his gullet from now till the end of time, nearly got us slaughtered by piscine cultists because apparently at wizarding school they don’t teach you how to keep a secret. Or that our tall, silent, and handsome darthiir—” and here Eldeth felt the particular prickle at the base of her skull, as the mushroom child’s spores pulsed with life, translating for her: alien/surface-dweller/traitor— “tried his damndest to perforate me whilst I worked to secure safe passage for us all. If I didn’t say any better, I’d say we were traveling with a kit of suicidal lunatics.” A pause, then, “Well, more than just the one, actually.”

Ront’s sudden grip on her shoulder was all that held Eldeth’s blade in its sheath.

Sarith held his hands up. “Go easy, friend—”

“We’re not friends,” Eldeth interrupted swiftly.

“Fine, fine, go easy, companion of necessity. Is that literal enough for your dwarven sensibilities? No poetry in your entire species, above or below the hallowed ground.”

“I assume you had a reason for coming here,” Eldeth managed to grind out. “So say what you came to say, and leave.”

Sarith leaned forward. “Fine. I mean to say, and let me say so plainly and with neither artifice nor contrivance of dissemblance: the old man, the darthiir, and your glorious commander-at-arms. That’s three of our number here whom I would not trust with steel at our backs. I’ll not have it be a fourth. Go take your rest. The orc can join you. I’ve rested sufficiently, I’ll hold the rest of the watch.”

“‘The orc’ doesn’t like you talking about him like that,” growled Ront.

“Beg pardon, was that too many syllables for you?”

Sighing, Eldeth got to her feet. “You are a wholly unpleasant person, and the sooner we no longer require your navigational services, the better.”

Sarith spread his hands widely. “On that point, dear madame, we are entirely in agreement. Now go, rest. And if you can, try to suss out whether or not any other members of our cohort mean to murder us in our sleep or shackle themselves into uselessness. I’d rather we were appraised of our weakness before we go strolling into the City of Blades, rather than after.”


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