The Journey to Neverlight Grove!

Introducing Gwairn Gwiddlenoc

Saying Goodbye
The Party’s final, FINAL days in Graxultug consisted of a few last-minute goodbyes, including the surprising farewell of the Bard, Orrin, who felt he could do more good advising by Queen Eldeth’s side than he could out in the wilds of the Under Dark. But in return, the warrior Reiker volunteered to take his place, so as not to diminish the party’s numbers too greatly (they had already lost a Sorcerer, after all). As part of this exchange, Reiker made Orrin promise to look after the young, orphaned duergar LAIRD.

So with that — and the procurement of a few choice provisions from Queen Eldith — the party was off!

  • Riding lizards
  • <s>Brooch</s> Cartouche of Shielding
  • Metal Fortress
  • 1 Potion of Greater Healing
  • Rations (20 days / 2 weeks)
  • 4 Riding lizards + 1 cart
  • Map of the Under Dark cities (2 years old)
  • Some words of wisdom re: Michonid society

Encounter #1: Paladin Gwairn (and Caradoc)  
Traveling a few days in total darkness (the entire party has dark vision now!), the party was surprised to find a torch light so far from the nearest…and even MORE surprised to find a Deep Gnome and…a floating turtle of some kind??? Standing around, reading a Duergar sign carved on the wall.

His name? Gwairn Gwiddlenoc
His turtle’s name? Caradoc

Apparently a Paladin “of the Light,” Gwairn had been wandering alone in the Underdark for quite some time. Despite objections from Talas, the party agreed to take in the tiny deep gnome and guard him until they reached the next city (unsure if Neverlight Grove counted as a ‘city’.)  

Enounter #2: Banshees?
Coming upon a chasm, the party stopped to investigate, only to be beseeched by a couple of winged demons feasting on a Purple Worm nest. Half the party (Talas, Reiker) was incapacitated by the droning of the beasts, but Gwairn and Greda (assisted by a Silence spell from Merrick) shrugged off whatever aura they had and made quick work of the two beasts. Perhaps lil Gwairn wasn’t so in need of protection after all…!

Encounter #3: Drow Bounty Hunters
The party, while descending through some caverns, intruded upon a party of Drow sent to retrieve Merrick and Greda. A quick skirmish ensued until the drow realized they were outnumbered and surrendered. They revealed how the party was being tracked and promised to never seek them out again in exchange for their lives (and the accidental knowledge of the demise of the other dimension where Bith hailed). Despite Merrick and Greda’s hatred for the drow, the party agreed to let them live.

“they’re heroes, after all…they’re not like us” said Talas.

Oops. Guess the Drow didn’t survive after all. 

Enounter #4:
Descending a spiral cavern, the party decided to scale down the walls with their lizards and managed to awake and enrage some horrific necromancer-goat creatures who summoned a quartet of skeletal creatures to attack while they too surrounded our heroes. Trapped and outnumbered, the party struggled to do-away with the goat-necromancers quickly, as they realized that would destroy to skeletal creations (yes, they did. That’s our story and we are sticking to it, damnit). When they triumphed over the undead, they discovered – Masha had been through there.

Encounter #5:
On the 7th night, the party – unable to find a proper resting spot – settled in for the night on a bridge overseeing an under dark river. FOOLS! A duo of Aboleth-like creatures emerged from the waters, snatching up Greda (and Merrick) in their gullets while claiming that “Mother is upset” with them. But the party, strengthened by their time in Graxultug, paid no heed and destroyed the two after freeing their friends and resolving…NEVER SLEEP NEAR THE WATER AGAIN.




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